In the beginning, the Skydog Music Festival felt more like a gathering of old friends than a major outdoor concert. But the festival has grown from humble roots and become a large event which draws fans and muscians from across the United States.

Central City Park

Skydog 68 is scheduled for November 23, 2014 - Noon to 5:00 PM in Macon, Georgia's Central City Park. the park, with its famous gazebo bandstand, was a favorite venue of the Allman Brothers Band in their early years. In case of rain, the concert will move to another favorite venue of the Allman Brothers Band, the Macon City Auditorium on historic Cherry Street.

The Musicians
  • Greg Brooks
  • Glenn Harrell
  • Mike Harrell
  • Paul Hornsby
  • Gary Porter
  • Rhonda Porter
  • Eric Wynn
  • Ken Wynn
  • Cole Brown
  • Monty Cole
  • Robert Coleman
  • Rachael Cox
  • Travis Denning
  • Jonathon Eisner
  • Jimmy Hall
  • Mitch Harrell
  • Coleman Hice
  • Jake Johnson
  • Jeremy Johnson
  • David Jones
  • Stanley Killingsworth
  • Braydon Long
  • Mama Louise
  • Mitchell Lyons
  • Dusty McCook
  • Doug McMillan
  • Scott Pallot
  • Red Line Express
  • John Sawyer
  • Tommy Talton
  • John Tinker
  • Tony Tyler
  • Mark Van Allen
  • Brad Weaver
  • Bruce Whitten
  • Doyle Williams
  • Lamar Williams Jr

Remembering our Friend Jake Johnson

  • Edward Clark
  • Al Greene
  • Adam Gorman
  • Charlie Harbor
  • John Laughter
  • John Tinker
  • Kemper Watson
  • Kenny Williams
Kyler Mosley

Kyler Mosley

James Lumpkin

Foley Productions

Al and Patsy Green and Crew

Johnny, John Hipps and Crew (Our Roadies)


While visiting Macon be sure to visit

Central City Park

150 Willie Smokie Glover Drive
Macon, Georgia 31210

Macon City Auditorium

Rain Site
415 1st Street
Macon, Georgia 31201